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Welcome to Sixties Photos, the website that brings you back to the sweet, swinging, psychedelic Sixties with photographs taken by major photo-masters of the era. Among our incredible collection, we present Gene Anthony, a giant among men behind the camera then and now whose photo archive of over 200 categories was assembled from assignments he completed over the years for Life Magazine, Paris Match, Der Stern, Newseek, Playboy and other major publications.

Gene's photos and those of other master photographers you'll find here have been used throughout the world to illustrate the context of the Sixties, capturing the events, places, people and adventures of the era. Through them we catch the personality, personalities and icons of this most significant period in America's cultural history, and we are pleased to make these incredible images available to you for licensing and as individual signed prints.

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Jerry Garcia
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George and Patty in Golden Gate Park The Haight Ashbury Sign
Trips Festival
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