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Gene Anthony's Archive of Sixties Photos.

Below is a list of images available for both licensing and individual signed prints. For more information or inspection of photographs please click here for licensing information.
Allen Cohen (Editor of Oracle paper)
Allen Ginsberg (Poet)
Berkeley Barb (Max Scheer)
Bill Graham (Rock Promoter)
Bill Ham (Light Show Artist)
Black Panthers
Bobby Beausoleil (Ch Manson gang member)
Bob Fried (Poster Artist)
Bob Weir (Grateful Dead)
Bobby Seal
Budda (Street character)
Charlatans (Musicians)
Charlie Brown (Holy Man)
Chief Rolling Thunder
Chocolate George (Hellís Angel)
City Lights Book Store
Cockettes (Nude protesters)
Counsel for Summer Of Love
Dick Gregory (Comedian)
Digger Free Store
Diggers (Political activists)
Draft Card Burning
Eldridge Clever (Political Activist)
Emmett Grogan (Digger)
Fillmore Auditorium
Fillmore Wedding (event)
Free Speech Movement
Gary Snyder (Poet)
Gavin Arthur
Geard Stern
George Harrison & Pattie Boyd (Beatles)
Grace Slick (Jefferson Airplane)
Grateful Dead (Rock n roll)
Haight-Ashbury Street Sign
Haight Street
Henry Kot (Hell's Angel)
Hellís Angels
Herb Caen (Columnist SF Chronicle)
Herbert Gold (Writer)
Hippie Hill
Human Be-In
Janis Joplin
Jann Wenner (Publisher Rolling Stone)
Jean Varda (Artist)
Jefferson Airplane
Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead)
Jerry Rubin
Jessica Mitford (writer)
Jimi Hendrix (Musican)
Ken Kesey
Ken Babbs (Keseyís Bus Driver)
Kenneth Rexroth (Poet)
Lawrence Ferlinghetti (poet)
Lee Quanstrum (Prankster)
Lenny Bruce (Comedian)
Lenore Kandel
Love Pageant Rally
Magic Bus
Mama Cass (Mamas & Papas)
Mary Rexroth (Ken's daughter)
Martine Bowen (Hippy Activist)
Merry Pranksters
Michael Bowen (Artist)
Michael McClure (Poet)
Millbrook (Tim Learyís place)
Monterey Pop Festival
Mountain Girl (Carolyn Garcia)
New Years Eve (Bill Graham party)
Now! (Street event)
Nude parties
Oracle Newspaper
Painted Cars and Vans
Pat Brown (Governor)
Patricia Apdecker (Political Activist)
Peace Marches
Peoples Park Protest
Peter Coyote (Actor)
Phil Lesh (Grateful Dead)
Print Mint (Poster store)
Poster shops
Protest Marchers
Psychedelic Shop
Ram Dass (Richard Alpert)
Rick Griffin (Poster Artist)
Richard Nixon (Vice President)
Ronald Reagan (Governor)
Robert Scheer (writer)
Run-a-way kids
San Francisco Mime Troupe
Satty (Poster Artist)
Sexual Freedom League
Shirley Temple
Shig (clerk at City Lights Book Store)
Simon & Garfunkel
Sonny Barger (Hell's Angel)
Stanley Mouse (Poster Artist)
Stewart Brand (Director)
Stokley Charmichael (Political Activist)
Straight Theater
Summer Solstice (Event)
Summer Solstice (Twin Peaks)
Thelin Brothers
Timothy Leary (LSD guru)
Trips Festival (Event)
Victor Moscoso (Poster Artist)
Wavy Gravy (Artist)
William Mellon Hitchcock
Winterland Ballroom
Wes Wilson (Poster Artist)
Wavy Gravy Trips Festival Satty Trips Festival Trips Festival
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